Workflow Management & Credit Scoring

This IT-system allows organisations to assure governance, risk, and compliance in their credit assessment processes. Every colleague in your organisation will be sure to work toward the end-goal in a predefined and structured way.

  • From application to disbursement

  • Reducing processing costs and improving risk analytics

  • Optimising revenues through risk-based pricing

  • To make credit assessment easy and to assure governance & compliance

  • Recording of actions taken, documents viewed, and information processed

  • Statistical breakdown and analysis of the historical lending portfolio

  • Bi-lingual systems, English and the local language version

AGRI Risk Analyser

This IT-solution helps both lenders and borrowers to reduce risks in a calculated way:

  • Assessing a farmer’s exposure to systematic risks, like drought, pests, diseases or price fluctuation (using local data), and finally its credit scoring

  • On a loan portfolio level, calculating expected and unexpected losses and judging interest rates and buffer capital

  • Calculating the economic value of risk-mitigating instruments like irrigation, drought resistant seeds, insurance, and fixed price contracts

Benefits for banks: Reducing default rates and lowering operational costs.

Benefits for farmers: Ability to take the right risk management decisions.

Benefits for traders, processors, transporters, and others active in the agricultural value chain: Reducing the risks of their most important business partners, the farmers.