Training & Workshops

Many companies are dependent on credit facilities that banks provide. Meeting the demand of these companies for financial resources in a sustainable way will support social and economic developments. Our goal is to support financial institutions to do their job efficiently and thoroughly.

Credit Risk & Cash Flow Analysis

Several thousands of relationship managers and credit analysts enjoyed this practical workshop. Using a 10-step approach (a “Toolbox”), the participants analyse real-life situations and assess strengths and weaknesses in a clear & concise way. In lively discussions, they share their expertise, experience, observations, and analyses.

After finishing the programme, all participants should be able to:

  • Systematically determine the operating and financial strength of a specific borrowing company. Linking operational and financial issues gives a strong analysis and protection against unreliable financials and weak business plans. Finally, the participants will be able to judge the level & predictability of future cash flows and to assess a risk rating by hand

  • Help the borrower to set reasonable goals in terms of financial condition and growth and proposing/discussing a strategy when a borrower is facing potential future financial difficulties

  • Understand the importance of loan monitoring, a pro-active attitude, and acting like your customer’s “financial partner” in order to improve the risk profile and to avoid bad loans

  • Give concise and clear conclusions and recommendations to credit committees and management

Selling Skills

This workshop is meant to develop the participants’ skills, behaviour and confidence. By using demo’s, role-plays and group discussions, it will improve the capabilities to sell to client needs and develop long-term relationships.


  • Three basic needs of customers

  • Five types of customers

  • Creating rapport

  • The steps of the selling process

  • How to prepare

  • Coping with resistance

  • Presentation skills

  • Creating a deal at an early stage

  • Generating more appointments

Train-the-Local Trainers

Whenever required, we will train local trainers that can deliver trainings in key aspects of the lending methodology or in the daily use of the IT-solutions.